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Segway Tours in Budapest
Buda Hills Tour
(2 hours/80 EUR) currently not available

Off road Segway tours in the ancient forests of the Buda hills

Experience the first off road Segway tour around Budapest! Imagine breezing along through shadowy forests and flowery glades with views of the highest peaks and the most beautiful landscapes of the Buda hills, all the while atop a Segway! Sound like fun?

Riding a Segway off road is like nothing you've ever experienced, even if you tried Segway before and taking one of our off road tours is a one of a kind treat. You can explore the Buda hill's abundance of wooded canyons, where beech, oak and pines open up to panoramic views of the city stretching amongst the hills. The rugged terrain provides endless thrills as you maneuver your way on this unique, weight balancing unit. Add to that the joy of a picnic on a sunny meadow, the smell of the flowers and woods, the song of the birds…

…also, bring a camera and keep your eyes open for wildlife!

The Buda Hills Segway Adventure starts with 10 – 20 minutes training on how to use the Segway followed by a guided trek through the trails of the Hűvösvölgy valley and the ridges of the Hármas-határ hegy. On demand we stop for a 20 minute, ½ hour picnic provided by us.


To be able to ensure the best service, the Buda Hill tours are offered only on (minimum 24 hours prior) reservation.