Conditions of use

Conditions of use

To participate on a tour an identity card, passport or any other identification document is necessary.
The participants of a tour must sign a liability notice, which declares that Segway Kft (Limited Liability Company) is not responsible and accountable for any kind of damage: violation of traffic regulations, non-observance of the instructions of the guide, personal or property damage etc.

All damages caused to the Segways due to non-observance of the instructions of the guide must be payed by the client.

We kindly ask you to be punctual for the starting time. In regard to others the group shall not wait more than 10 minutes.

We can not refund and change the date of any coupon and we can not pay back any reservation fee deposited after 10 minutes of the appointed starting time.

The hirer uses a Segway vehicle and supply on his/her own responsibility, and is accountable for any personal or property damage caused in the vehicle or any surrounding objects or persons by his/her own fault.

We operate in all weather conditions, and provide our clients with rainwear, gloves, hats, and jackets if needed, but please dress appropriately. (No high heels !)
If the weather conditions are very bad the tour might be canceled, in this case you will be given the option of an alternative date or a gift vaucher of the tours’ value as a refund.

Exclusion criteria: children under 5 years of age (possibility to be towed in a cart), influence of alcohol or drugs, weight exceeding 125 kg, handicap due to physical conditions, health conditions (.. such as imbalance, high - low blood pressure, visual disturbances, dizziness, epilepsy, etc.), which interfere with the control of the Segway.
Pregnant women are discouraged.